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Public Training

When you head out in your 4WD, you need to have the knowledge, the experience and the confidence to handle any conditions that you encounter.

It might be a weekend away with your family, an extended outback adventure with your mates—or even just making sure your kids know how to safely handle your vehicle before you hand over the keys.

It’s not just about knowledge—it’s also about having confidence in your abilities, having practical experience and understanding what your vehicle can and can’t do in different conditions.

And even more importantly—knowing that if you do get stuck, that you have the skills, the equipment and the knowledge to get unstuck.

Our 4WDrive Training equips you to fully enjoy the astonishing capabilities of your vehicle safely.

You’ll learn:

  • What a 4WDrive is and how it works
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance
  • Environmental and safety issues
  • Techniques to safely manoeuvre your 4WD in sand, snow, mud and water crossings
  • Techniques to safely navigate ascents and descents
  • Techniques to safely navigate obstacles
  • Practical recovery including winching techniques
  • Night driving

Our courses offer:

  • An all-weather 4WDrive training facility
  • Access to real bush tracks to reinforce learning in a real life environment
  • 4WDrive Instructors that are dedicated 4WD enthusiasts
  • Choice of nationally recognised subjects
  • Excellent balance of theory and practice to ensure understanding


Click the benefits tab to see what you’ll get from our courses.

Some facts for you to consider

We’re Fully Accredited

We’re a Registered Training Organisation accredited by the Australian National Training Authority.

This enables us to offer nationally accredited and recognised training. So you can be confident that the skills you attain are of the highest quality and accepted and valued throughout Australia. Our training meets the industry-specific competency standards allowing for nationally consistent recognition of skills.

We provide a Statement of Attainment that is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.


We’re Professionals

We’re Better Business Australian Tourism Accredited.

This means you can rest assured that we’re committed to professionalism both in business operations and delivery of service. This needs to be renewed yearly and covers a range of standards such as professional customer service, accuracy in advertising, compliance with health and safety standards, and sound environmental practices.

We’re also a licensed tour operator with Parks Victoria and the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

We have the appropriate permits, skills, insurance and risk management procedures to use public land for your training—so we can legally use the state forest to help you gain valuable experience on real bush tracks across a variety of terrains.


Our Training is Excellent

Between us, we have over 120 years of 4WDriving experience.

All our instructors are active and experienced 4WD enthusiasts who spend much of their recreational time 4WDriving—so you’re assured of instruction that is up to date and very practical.

We use the most advanced form of teaching (generative learning) while still maintaining an enjoyable environment with a relaxed, holiday atmosphere.

We provide:

  • Ongoing advice such as pre-departure, vehicle/equipment purchase, vehicle setup
  • Appropriate individual tuition
  • Theory & prac spread over 2 days to ensure you can apply what you have learnt out in the field
  • Small classes—minimum 4 and maximum 8 participants
  • Ratio of 1:4 instructors to participants
  • A purpose-built 4WDrive obstacle course—providing a safe and controlled training environment
  • Training on natural bush tracks in various states or repair—the kind you will find when you go out there on your own
  • Night drive—you may have to drive at night regardless of your intentions. Participants have told us our night driving aspect was invaluable when driving in smoke in the 2009 bushfires, though at the time they never intended to drive at night.
  • 126 page handbook (RRP $35) to take home and look at your own leisure

You can read what customers have to say about our training here


We’re Family Friendly with Excellent Facilities

You can bring your kids to our public training—we have free camping and great facilities, including:

  • Delightful tree-lined camping facilities for tents, camper trailers and caravans
  • Toilets, hot/cold showers, BBQ and campfire
  • Provision of morning & afternoon tea
  • Tea & coffee, fruit, biscuits and fruit juice freely available
  • Use of high-pressure hose to clean vehicles before going home (Valley Farm)
  • Air Compressor to reinflate tyres after 4WDriving

Other Benefits

  • Effective training will save you money:
  • Some insurance companies acknowledge the qualification and will lower your cover
  • Savings due to reduced maintenance/repair costs
  • Self-education—may be tax deductible
  • We’re environmentally friendly—there’s a tree planted for every participant to help offset our carbon footprint (trees labelled in training areas)

Our courses are developed with both industry and community under the nationally agreed AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) and are called NRT (Nationally Recognised Training). Each qualification is based on the level of outcome and not on the length of the course.

PNL 4WDriving is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #20810) through ASQA (Australian Skills and Qualifications Authority). ASQA administer us and other TAFEs, Universities and Training Providers. That allows us to issue Nationally Recognised qualifications.

So after the successful completion of the course participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment that is recognised Australia wide covering all the competencies (subjects) you enrolled in.

In Layman's Terms: Your course and subjects are recognised by all Universities, TAFEs or Training Providers Australia wide.



What is scope of registration?

A scope is a list of qualifications and units (subjects) that PNL 4WDriving are eligible and qualified to teach. Scope of registration specifies the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) qualifications and/or units of competency the training organisation (PNL 4WDriving) is registered to issue and the industry training and/or assessment services it is registered to provide.

How is scope determined?

Details of the proposed scope of registration are required in the initial application for registration, together with documented strategies for delivery and assessment of each qualification, or part thereof, that the training organisation wishes to deliver.
The registering body audits the registered training organisation to ensure the organisation has the capacity to deliver the proposed qualifications/units of competency.
Please select from the list the course that includes the unit/s or qualification that you want.

Full Scope Course List

Yourself; (with a sense of humour). Family and friends are more than welcome. DO NOT forget your Drivers License with you.

Food; PNL 4WDriving supplies morning and afternoon tea. You need to arrange your own food for meals prior to the course, as it's not readily available in the area. Centralised BBQ facilities available for use. Catering is available at an extra expense.

Clothing; Long pants and appropriate covered footwear for outdoor activity. Cold & Wet weather clothing is advisable as the course continues rain or shine. Also bring a sun hat and sunscreen.

Accommodation; Free camping on site. There are hot showers, toilets, a barbeque, and a wonderful fireplace all provided. Own tent/camper trailer/caravan with bedding required. Local Accommodation is available if you prefer.

Recovery Equipment; PNL 4WDriving supplies all recovery equipment for use on your course. Please bring any recovery equipment you have and we will check your recovery equipment for you. DO NOT go and buy equipment before your course, come and see what we have and why.

Vehicle; 4WDrive vehicle in mechanically sound and clean condition. Vehicle mounted winch required for winching unit. 1-2 participants per vehicle plus space for an Instructor.

PNL 4WDriving has two dedicated training areas; Valley Farm at Narbethong and Smythesdale just south west of Ballarat. Both of these locations are adjacent to State Forest that way we can give you 'real world' practical experience in the bush.

Valley Farm: is adjacent to the Marysville State Forest where we take you to give you real world experience on tracks in the bush. The training area has a delightful tree-lined river frontage camping and activity area with full facilities. A dedicated all weather Four Wheel Drive training facility setup with numerous 4WDrive obstacles, campfire, BBQ, hot & cold showers, toilets and undercover training area. Electricity for emergency use ie Ventilator.

Smythesdale: PNL 4WDriving use the Ballarat 4WDrive Clubs training area at Smythesdale. It is an excellent location with many 4WDrive obstacles located close to the Enfield State Park where we give you 'real world' practical experience on tracks in the bush. Free camping on site is available with a wonderful open fire, BBQ facilities and undercover training/eating area, hot & cold showers and toilets are within Cooee.


One Day Basic Introduction 1 Driver $480- ea
2+ Drivers $440- ea
Two Day Intermediate overnight 1 Driver $640- ea
2+ Drivers $595- ea
Two Day Advanced 4WDriving & Winching 1 Driver $720- ea
2+ Drivers $680- ea
Refresher One Day $480- ea
Chainsaw Trim & Cross Cut $520- ea
Sand Course $595- ea
Tag-a-long $5000-
Catering Inc. GST $25- / meal
Visitors (family / friends) Inc. GST $25- /day
Vehicle (4WD) Use Inc. GST $175- / day (+ $30/day fuel)
Private Course One day @ $1050-
Two days @ $1640-
Additional Units $30- ea
Drive To Arrive Inc. GST
Defensive Driving Course
$290- ea
Day Trip Inc. GST $99- / vehicle

When choosing a course make sure:

You are getting what you paid for.

  • Is the Provider registered with the National/State Authorities?
  • Or is it just that the Trainers are qualified?
  • Are you getting a Nationally Recognised Qualification/Competency/Subject?
  • Is the Outline predominately theory or practical?
  • What are the participant: instructor ratios?
  • See Benefits
  • Outline

  • Benefits

  • Qualification

  • Scope

  • What to bring

  • Locations

  • Pricing


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