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Full Qualifications Available 
  SISO30410 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
  SISO40310 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation
  SIT30507 Certificate III in Tourism (Guiding)
  SIT40107 Certificate IV in Tourism (Guiding)
  TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


Skill Sets 
  FPI11 Skill set for Off Road Four Wheel Drive Operations Skill Set
  SIS 10 Four Wheel Driving Guide Skill Set
  SIS10 Four wheel Drive Guide Advanced Skill Set
  TLI10 Driving Instructor Skill Set


Individual Units Available 
  AHCMOM205A Operate Vehicles
  RIIVEH201B Operate Light Vehicle
  AURT200108A Carry Out Servcing Operations
  AURT337119A Drive and Manoeuvre Trailer(s)
  BSBCMM401A Make a Presentation
  BSBWOR301B Organise Personal Work Priorities And Development
  BSBWOR404B Develop Work Priorities
  FPICOT2233B Navigate in forest areas
  FPICOT2239A Trim and Cut Felled Trees
  FPICOT3259 Operate a Four Wheel Drive on Unsealed Roads (incl. wheel change)
  FPICOT3260 Recover Four Wheel Drive Vehicles   (incl. winching)
  FPIFGM3214 Operate a Four Wheel Drive in a Towing Situation
  FPIFGM3215 Perform complex 4x4 operations   (incl. river crossings)
  HLTFA301C Apply First Aid
  HLTFA302B Provide First Aid in Remote Situation
  MSARVG201A Tow a recreational vehicle safely
  PMAOHS320C Provide Advanced First Aid Response
  PMAOHS321B Provide First Aid Response in Remote and/or Isolated Area
  PMASUP236B Operate vehicles in the field
  PUADEFTP003B Operate a Vehicle Over Difficult Terrain
  PUAOPE002A Operate Communications Systems and Equipment
  PUAVEH001B Drive Vehicles Under Operational Conditions
  RIIVEH201B Operate light vehicle
  RIIVEH305A Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle
  SFICOMP310C Operate Off-road Vehicles
  SISODRV201A Drive AWD 4WD Vehicles on Unsealed Roads
  SISODRV302A Drive and Recover a 4WD Vehicle
  SISODRV303A Guide 4WD Tours
  SISODRV404A Drive a 4WD Vehicle in Difficult terrain
  SISODRV405A Coordinate Recovery of 4WD Vehicles
  SISODRV506A Instruct Four Wheel Driving Skills
  SISONAV201A Demonstrate Navigation Skills in a Controlled Environment
  SISOODR302A Plan Outdoor Recreation Activities
  SISOODR303A Guide Outdoor Recreation Sessions
  SISOODR404A Manage Risk in an Outdoor Activity
  SISOODR405A Develop and Coordinate Programs Incorporating Outdoor Activities
  SISOOPS202A Use and Maintain a Temporary or Overnight Site
  SISOOPS304A Plan for Minimal Environmental Impact
  SISOOPS305A Provide First aid in Remote Locations
  SISOOPS306A Interpret Weather Conditions in the Field
  SISOOPS407A Apply Search and Rescue Skills
  SISXCAI306A Facilitate Groups
  SISXCCS201A Provide Customer Service
  SISXCCS402A Coordinate Client Service Activities
  SISXCCS404A Address Client Needs
  SISXEMR201A Respond to Emergency Situations
  SISXEMR402A Coordinate Emergency Responses
  SISXIND403A Analyse Participation Patterns
  SISXIND405A Conduct Projects
  SISXOHS101A Follow Occupational Health and Safety Policies
  SISXOHS402A Implement and Monitor Occupational Health and Safety Policies
  SISXRES402A Support Implementation of Environmental Management Practises
  SISXRES403A Use Resources Effectively
  SISXRSK301A Undertake Risk Analysis of Activities
  SITTGDE001B Work as a Guide
  SITTGDE003A Coordinate and Operate a Tour
  SITTGDE004A Lead Tour Groups
  SITTGDE005A Manage Extended Touring Programs
  SITTGDE006A Prepare and Present Tour Commentaries or Activities
  SITTGDE007A Develop and Maintain the General and Regional Knowledge Required by Guides
  SITTHPR303A Tow and Site a Recreational Vehicle Safely
  SITTIND001B Develop and Update Tourism Industry Knowledge
  SITTTOP001A Allocate Tour Resources
  SITTTOP002A Load Touring Equipment and Conduct Pre-departure Checks
  SITTTOP003B Operate and Maintain a 4WD Tour Vehicle
  SITTTOP004B Set Up and Operate a Camp Site
  SITTTOP005A Provide Camp Site Catering
  SITTTOP006B Operate Tours in a Remote Area
  SITXCOM001A Work with Colleagues and Customers
  SITXCOM002A Work in a Socially Diverse Environment
  SITXOHS001B Follow Health, Safety and Security Procedures
  SITXOHS002A Follow workplace hygiene procedures
  SITXOHS003B Identify hazards, and assess and control safety risks
  TAEASS301B Contribute to Assessment
  TAEASS401B Plan Assessment Activities and Processes
  TAEASS402B Assess Competence
  TAEASS403B Participate in Assessment Validation
  TAEASS502B Design and Develop Assessment Tools
  TAEDEL301A Provide Work Skill Instruction
  TAEDEL401A Plan, Organise and Deliver Group-based Learning
  TAEDEL402A Plan, Organise and Facilitate Learning in the Workplace
  TAEDES401A Design and Develop Learning Programs
  TAEDES402A Use Training Packages and Accredited Courses to Meet Client Needs
  TLIB2003A Carry Out Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance
  TLIB2004A Carry Out Vehicle Inspection
  TLIB2008A Carry Out Inspection of Trailers
  TLIC2025A Operate Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

Or go to and input the unit code to find out exactly what is included in each unit.

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