PNL 4WDriving use equipment that is/has;

  • Manufactured to numerous National Standard
  • AS2550.3 Crane, Hoist and Winches; Safe Use
  • AS3775.1
  • AS4497.1-1997 Fabrication of Soft Slings
  • Rated to Crane Lifting Standards
  • a Safety Factor – this is a multiple of the load that can be applied to ensure that the equipment does not fail. The higher the Safety Factor the safer the equipment. Common Safety Factors are 3 or 4 times the acceptable load to failure when working with personnel underneath equipment underneath equipment should be rated 6-10 times the maximum allowable load.

There are NO Australian Safety Standards that anyone within the 4WDrive Industry has to adhere to. Thus a lot of the equipment out there (although rated) is rated to the breaking limit and has little or no safety built in. Most 4WDrive equipment does not supply a 'test certificate' that meets Australian Standards.
We believe that equipment should be of a high standard and safe for all to use so please browse through our shop and select quality products.

PNL 4WDriving manufacture, buy and sell equipment in good faith. We will make every effort to replace faulty equipment but can not be held responsible for failures that occur through misuse.

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