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Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance

Knowing about correct vehicle servicing and maintenance can prevent; costly repairs and issues that compromise safety. You wouldn’t be the first, or the only, to not know how to properly maintain your vehicle or what exactly servicing is.

What and how to check your vehicle out before and during an extended tour.

Has your mechanic done his job correctly and completely.
Do you know how to check your wheel bearings?
Can you service your wheel bearings?

The course involves the application of routine inspection and servicing principles and procedures to check the safety and operation of a vehicle across a variety of operational contexts.

Application of the course

The course covers the identification of servicing requirements, preparation for work, correct handling of lubricants and fluids, completion of servicing and work finalisation processes, including documentation.
Work involved includes the routine and scheduled servicing of vehicles and equipment.
Work requires individuals to demonstrate discretion, judgement and problem-solving skills in managing own work activities and contributing to a productive team environment.

TLIB2003A Carry Out Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance $620-  
Additional Optional Units that can be added    
TLIB2004A Carry Out Vehicle Inspection $30-  
AURT200108A Carry Out Servicing Operations $30-  

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